Internship overview diagram



Elim Leadership College (ELC) has three internship programmes. Each of these build on learning gained in the previous years to form a logical progression from years 1 to 3.

Entry into the third year of internship requires applicants to be in a position of team or ministry leadership in their local church.

With one 2-hour online lecture per week, interns focus on initiating and managing their ministry area as a year-long project they undertake, achieving specific outcomes and reporting on progress towards pre-planned milestones.


On completion of this programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively lead a ministry team.
  • Initiate, implement and manage a project effectively through to completion, including responsibility for resources (e.g. people, money, time, equipment).
  • Demonstrate an ability to train and/or mentor other people in their ministry area.
  • Utilise a personal growth and self-care plan for sustainable leadership.


Interns will:

  • Participate in online lectures provided by experienced ministry leaders
  • Work independently in their local church under the guidance of an experienced supervisor and mentor
  • Formulate a project plan for the year including goals, milestones and a draft budget
  • Participate in group forum discussions
  • Complete weekly reports
  • Produce at least two progress reports and communicate these effectively
  • Attend 3 block courses in Auckland
  • Have the opportunity to grow in knowledge, skills and attitudes required of those in Christian leadership

In undertaking this programme interns will commit to a minimum of 25 hours per week

– 23 hours of practical ministry in a local church (including 1 hr supervisor meeting, project leadership, online forum discussions, reporting, and other assigned tasks), plus one 2-hour lecture.  Interns are responsible for planning and using their time effectively.



The ELC Advanced Diploma is a 1 year internship programme that integrates theoretical learning with its application in the chosen area of ministry.

Interns will undertake leadership of at least one major project.  This project will require them to demonstrate leadership skills in the following areas (from The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Kouzes and Posner):

  • Model the way
  • Inspire a shared vision
  • Challenge the process
  • Enable others to act
  • Encourage the heart

During your project you will be expected to utilise the following skills (taught during the first and second year internship programmes):

  • strategic planning
  • background research
  • critical thinking
  • decision making
  • budgeting
  • evaluation and reflection

Reporting on various aspects of their project will form the basis of the assessments for the programme and will be submitted routinely to their supervisor and to ELC.

Lecture topics and accompanying forum discussions will develop and support on-the-job learning throughout the year and focus on practical aspects of leadership.

Block courses

Interns are required to attend 3 live-in, 4 or 5-day block courses in Auckland during the year – February, May and August.




43 weeks Comprised of:

  • 34 weeks study
  • 3 weeks block courses
  • 1 week Elim Conference
  • 5 weeks with no lectures

Lectures will be held at the following times:

Wednesdays             9.00 am-11.00 am (2 hr lecture)

Assessments for this programme will include

  • Weekly reporting
  • Quarterly performance review (completed by their supervisor)
  • Online forum discussions
  • Formal presentations – at block courses and via video

Supervisors will also complete a monthly report on progress which will be emailed directly to ELC.

Block courses:

Three block courses will be held in Auckland - in February, May and August (dates to be advised).   Interns must attend all block courses without exception.

Interns are also expected to attend and serve at Elim’s ONE Conference in October.


Course Fees

Course fee                                   $4,000


This programme is NOT eligible for student loans and allowances.


  • As ELC internships are based on a partnership between ELC and the local church, applications must be completed in agreement with the local Lead Pastor.
  • Application forms for 2017 are available on our website 3rd Year Application Form 2017
  • As internships are designed as a 3-year progression where each year builds on the year before, it is strongly recommended all interns begin with the Certificate. Direct entry into the Diploma is at ELC’s discretion, and not recommended.

Mentors and Supervisors

PDF - Supervisor & Mentor Handbook
  • Each Intern will require a Supervisor who is able to meet with the intern for approximately 1 hour each week, and a Mentor who will meet with them at least fortnightly throughout the year.
  • Supervisors and Mentors will be chosen by the local Lead Pastor on the basis of their knowledge, experience and ‘fit’ with the intern.
  • Supervisor and Mentor training will be provided in March via live online classes.
  • Supervisors and Mentors are required to submit progress reports on their intern’s work each term (4 per year), using a template supplied by ELC.