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Nau Mai Haere Mai

You were born to make a difference, Elim Leadership College partners with you and your local church to grow your leadership and influence.

Elim Leadership College internships teach Christian leadership and ministry while developing real-world skills necessary to lead and support the local church.

We offer four programmes; one part time and three full time internship programmes.

Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 3) [REF:2770]
Part time, evening lectures – Grow in your Christian Life.

Certificate in Christian Ministry (Internship) (Level 4) [REF:2772]
Laying the groundwork – Doing the job, developing skills.

Diploma in Christian Studies (Christian Leadership) (Level 5) [REF:2793]
Building awareness – Understanding the “why behind the what”.

Diploma in Christian Studies (Christian Leadership) (Level 6) [REF:2773]
Growing a ministry – Formulating solid strategies, making it happen.

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