Successful mentors will:

  • Make the time to invest in regular meetings with the intern and will keep confidential notes of key outcomes.
  • Help their intern evaluate and reflect on challenges.
  • Give honest feedback and lots of encouragement.
  • Keep an intern accountable for their own self-care.
  • Discuss the intern’s relationship with God and their devotional times.
  • Pray for the intern throughout the programme.
  • Complete the ELC online Mentor training sessions.
  • Partner with ELC for the duration of the programme, complete all reports on time and adhere to the College’s Code of Ethics.

Internship is challenging and the support of a Mentor willing to walk the journey of personal growth with the intern is invaluable.

Mentor responsibilities include:

  • Offering support, encouragement, advice and a caring sounding-board for the intern who will probably face many hurdles over the course of the programme.
  • Meeting with the intern every month and providing an opportunity for truthful sharing and feedback.
  • Praying regularly for the intern.
  • Holding the intern accountable to a self-care plan that the intern themselves have created.
  • Completing a quarterly report. This information, along with other feedback, is used to track the intern’s wellbeing, relationship with co-workers and self-care.

Download the Supervisor and Mentor Handbook to learn more about the role of a mentor.

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