Successful supervisors will:

  • Make time to invest in the training of their intern.
  • Be experienced in the area of ministry the intern is serving in.
  • Have a hands-on approach to training.
  • Complete the ELC online Supervisor training sessions.
  • Complete all reports on time and encourage the intern to do the same.
  • Follow up with their intern when advised by ELC that they have outstanding assessment work.
  • Partner with ELC, keeping open channels of communication.

The supervisor-intern relationship is hugely significant in determining an internship’s success, both for the church and for the intern.

Supervisor responsibilities include:

  • Helping the intern to plan ministry goals and steps to achieve those goals.
  • Giving clear instructions and overseeing the intern’s weekly work commitments.
  • Actively seeking to train and develop the intern in their ministry area.
  • Meeting with the intern weekly for the duration of the programme, to discuss the intern’s progress and activities within their role.
  • Completing a regular Supervisor Report (via Google Docs). These reports are essential in helping ELC to:
    • track intern wellbeing
    • identify issues that need to be addressed
    • verify information given by interns in their assessments
    • gauge the success of the programme content in equipping the intern for their practical ministry.
  • Maintaining open communication with ELC throughout the programme. It is important that the supervisor raises any concerns relating to:
    • an unexplained absence or prolonged absence of the intern
    • poor performance in the workplace or issues with learning progression

ELC will then offer resources to help with any issues arising.

Download the Supervisor and Mentor Handbook to learn more about the role of a supervisor.

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